Spray Tan

We use a product for our athletes allowing them to show case their physiques on stage to the best for the judge’s eyes. In the Past there have been discrepancies in some of the placing due to the color alone on stage. It is so important to have the winning edge onstage to draw the judges to your physique and not drop you down a placing because of one’s color when you step foot on that stage

Placing and physiques in the past have been lost in the lineup due to stage color. This is something we as a company hold in high regards and guarantee we will stand behind the service we offer.

Visual Dimensions uses Jan Tana high definition spray for all the classes giving bikini a golden Hawaiian glow, figure and fitness a deeper golden brown and a mixture including ultra 1 the morning of the show for the ultimate dark color for the bodybuilders giving the judges exactly what they want to see in each category and giving the athlete the final stage look.

We would continue to set up the day before the show to accommodate the athletes for their stage tans. The morning of the show our team will be set up and be back stage with the athletes as soon as the doors open to assist them in all touch ups, bikini bite and another spray if they need or would request for no additional charge. This service will run throughout the entire show…when they the show is done that is when we are done. We now spray all glaze on the athletes with private tents as applying by hand we found too many athletes were going on blotchy or way to shiny taking away from their stage presentation. We have been credited from the judges for the tattoo cover up as well that we offer the athletes. Looking forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you!!!!!
Includes backstage touch-ups, glazing and bikini gluing



Tattoo Cover Up

Our tattoo cover up has been recognized by the founder of Jan Tana with high regards and since we have worked with her to always bring forward new award winning colors and outcomes!

Tattoo cover up is done the morning of your show back stage once your color from Friday has set. It is a cream based cover up that we get made in the USA in many different shades to work with all different skin types. Once this service is applied you will not be able to put on clothes over top of it till your class is done onstage in front of the judges. If you are competing in the evening show as well my team will be back stage to reapply the cover up for you at no additional charge. It eliminates distractions from the body including correcting any symmetrical issues creating complete balance.


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Full Leg Cover Up $160.00
Full Sleeve Cover Up $120.00
Full Back Cover Up $160.00
Chest Cover Up $85.00
Full Chest Cover Up $110.00
Small Size Cover Up (0-6") $45.00
Medium Size Cover Up (7-10") $65.00