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Who Will Be Tanning Me?

IFBB Pro Nicole Ball and her team are all competitive athletes gracing the amateur and the IFBB Stage including the Olympia numerous times with over 20 years of combined experience to guarantee the award winning stage color. We also have a incredible team that works with us and are competitors and provincial level judges. If you have a preference to who you would like to spray you we are happy to accommodate your request to make this experience a comfortable one.

IFBB Pro Nicole Ball, Owner

IFBB Pro, 6x Olympia Athlete who was undefeated in her weight class for seven years in Canada. Going on to win her Pro Card in 2004 Nicole has qualified every year for the Olympia always placing top four in all her pro shows as a Bodybuilder. She switched to Physique but found her love still for bodybuilding. She was sponsored and coached by Dave Palumbo for five years for Species Nutrition out of New York. To end her Pro career she worked under Hany Rambod for the last two Olympias.

After her first pro debut she experienced getting her tan sprayed on instead of having to spend three days painting it on!! Life changing experience! She then approached the ABBA about starting this same procedure for the athletes eleven years ago and well here we are today!

Nicole enjoys her pups, horses and family time is the most important thing to her. Always active in the gym and outside activities she loves camping, fishing and above all travelling. Retirement doesn’t mean letting go of goals but striving for new ones.

Juan Nitti

Being a Provincial level judge Juan knows exactly what it takes to bring to the stage when it comes to the perfect tan! Having an eye for it when he’s tanning you as an athlete or judging you as you present the dedication and hard work to the panel.

Juan has competed numerous times himself and has graced the National Level stage with an outstanding physique.

He has been involved with the ABBA as a volunteer for countless years and is now the Athletes rep for the ABBA. He loves the Bodybuilding lifestyle, football and spending time with family and friend.

Pat Buhat

This man has done it all. From ABBA he has always graced the stage with a great look and routine to put a smile on the crowds face. Pat was rewarded best poser numerous times and is a national level athlete as well as we was rewarded his pro card in the WBFF.

Pat has a charisma that will draw you in! Knowledgeable to what you need to present as a stage color to showcase your physique to the best for the judging panel put in front of you.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends, his boys, motorbikes and keeping busy with outdoor fun!

Julie Friesen

Julie has been with the company for six years now. Always up for an adventure Julie came into the competition lifestyle just a few years ago but didn’t take long to prove she had what it takes to become a National level competitor. As an ABBA volunteer for years she has a smile you can see from a mile away.

Julie enjoys family time and friends. Taking an afternoon off to take a ride on her motorbike or a fun afternoon of quadding. She also enjoys playing the piano along with singing and writing songs.

Todd Lang

Todd Started committed training about 12 years ago after a too many years in a sedentary lifestyle. As his 35th birthday present to himself he hired a personal trainer in a small private gym that focused on powerlifting leading to a competitive career for several years. He then competed in his first body building competition with the ABBA in 2010 at the age of 40 Taking home a well-deserved trophy.

Again Competing in 2012 at ABBA Southern and then competed the following week at ABBA provincials. As a national level athlete his Last competition was CBBF Nationals in 2013.

He has worked alongside Visual Dimensions Tanning for five years. Todd’s Interests include weight training, home renovation and landscaping projects

Cat Lopez

Cat Lopez currently residing in St Albert Alberta Canada was born in Philippines and I came to Canada in December 1989. I am currently working for SAFEWAY as a baker for almost 21 years. I love my job considering I've been doing this for years and I think because I love the people that I worked with. I enjoy prepping food and goodies for friends and kids.

I was always involved in all sports except baseball. Fitness and bodybuilding was not in my mind when I was growing up. My interest in fitness and bodybuilding was merely an accident. Fitness and bodybuilding improved my health and well being. I met a lot of fantastic people along the way too . I started going to the gym early 2002. I started competing 2007 and the rest is history. I would like to thank Helen Bouchard and Daphne Madigin for their amazing help especially to Nicole Ball who helped me achieved my ultimate goal. With her help I achieved my IFBB PRO CARD.

2007 ABBA Tier1 Figure-short 2nd place

2009 NORTHERN ALBERTA BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP Women Lightweight 1st place Women Master 1st place Women Overall Champion


2010 CBBF Women Lightweight 1st place




So as you can see with Cats past she knows an award winning stage color when she sees one!!!!!!!