How do we prepare the skin..... Exfoliation?

A sunless tan is produced on the epidermis or outer layer of the skin and is subject to the normal skin-shedding cycle, about 15 days. Therefore at any time, dead cells on the epidermis are ready to slough off while other parts may be freshly renewed. The use of a exfoliate provides a consistent, fresh layer of skin to serve as the base for a sunless tan. Exfoliation should be performed before a sunless tanning session. There are many effective exfoliates on the market. However, many will degrade the tan and create a barrier with oils. We highly recommend choosing an oil-free exfoliates which you can find at any drug store or Wal- Mart. You can also prepare your own mixture of rolled oats and brown sugar as a natural exfoliate Another natural exfoliator is baking soda and a washcloth.

You need to be starting this phase about two weeks prior to your show date.

So DO NOT apply any lotion following your last shower/ bath before your tanning appointment. Come see us with your skin clean and dry. This would include no perfume, body sprays, underarm or cologne. This will be your last shower till your competition is complete.

Please veet, nair, shave or wax entire body. If using hair removal besides shaving must be done NO later than 5 days out of competition. The cleaner the skin the smoother the tan will apply and appear. Just picture spray painting a car with dust particles all over it......the body reacts no different with fair body hair that covers our whole body.

Once you have been sprayed remember this will be how you will look till the final judging is done!<./strong>

What to wear?

A baggy shirt is best. Dark colors and baggy pull on pants and flip flops not runners and socks. The more you cover the tan the better it is protected. You are asked to sleep long sleeve baggy shirt and baggy pants as well. The more you cover the tan the better protection it will have. Please have hair washed before your tan. If it is raining wear closed in shoes and bring a umbrella as water will wreck your tan

Will Anyone Be there Backstage To Help With final Touch-ups?

Yes we will be back stage with volunteers for any touch-ups, apply your stage glaze to the brightness of the stage lights, apply bikini bite or do a whole new complete spray if needed as we will have a booth and a room as well back stage. As long as you have booked with Visual Dimensions we will take care of everything back stage for you, if you did not use our services then I am sorry we will NOT be able to assist you if anything was to go wrong or apply the final touches for you. We will be there for both pre judging and night show so you will have no worries and no stress.

Who will be tanning me?

Nicole Ball and her team are all competitive athletes gracing the amateur, National and the IFBB Stage including the Olympia numerous times with over endless years’ experience to guarantee the award winning stage color along with our team. If you have a preference to who you would like to spray you we are happy to accommodate your request to make this experience a comfortable one. Just please make sure you make a note of it upon booking your appointment.

What procedure do we expect to getting our tanned applied?

Easiest is a nude body. Therefore you will have no tan lines on stage if your suit/trunks move as you will be stage color so the judges can see the complete package that you just spent the last months preparing. The perfect color makes a big difference! Some guys prefer to wear a sock while getting tanned and this is perfectly fine.

What is the fee?

The cost is $140.00, a deposit of $80.00 will be taken at the end of the booking process and then the remaining $60.00 is due in cash on the day of the event. Each Individual may require a extra coat sometimes the bodybuilders like to be darker. As this is personal preference Visual Dimensions will apply extra coats at NO additional fee to the Athlete. With their expertise the color will also be adjusted to the venue as lights are always different in each one. This is for the judges to see your physique presented to them at its best.

Where your journey comes to life!

On Behalf of Visual Dimensions we have grown as a company and promise to bring you everything you need to present a Award Winning Physique on stage that you have dedicated your heart and soul for. The sacrifices you have made will come to life. Best of Luck to All the Competitors and we look forward to working with each and every one of you! Stay Strong and remember ....To the World you may seem like just one person.....But to that one person you may be the world. So at this time remember all the people that have stood behind you through this journey of sacrifices